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Scaling is a common dental procedure for patients with gum disease. This is a type of dental cleaning that reaches below the gumline to remove plaque buildup. The process of scaling and root planing the teeth is often referred to as a deep cleaning.

At Ideal Dental Clinic, we encourage everyone to get at least one check-up every year to consider whether such a procedure is needed or not. To schedule an appointment contact our clinic in New Cairo.

Scaling Q & A

How often should you do teeth scaling?

The frequency for having your teeth cleaned varies upon your gum health. People with healthy gums need cleanings one to two times a year depending upon the accumulation of stain and tartar. People who have been treated for periodontal disease generally need more frequent visits, such as 3-4 times per year.

Is Scaling good for teeth?

Besides benefits, few complications are also associated with teeth scaling. Teeth scaling makes gum swollen and tender. Regular scaling procedure avoids future build-up of bacteria filled plaque under the gum line, which helps in averting dental complications.

Can scaling damage your teeth?

During the teeth scaling process, your dentist or dental hygienist will numb the gums and tooth roots with a local anesthesia,but teeth scaling and root planing cause very little discomfort.

What to do after teeth scaling?

During this time, gently keep the gums clean, avoid crunchy foods and seeds and do not use any harsh mouth rinses. For a more natural choice, we recommend rinsing with aloe vera juice found at natural food or drug stores. You may require over-the-counter pain medication on rare occasions, on the day after the procedure.